Kinder-Readiness Pre-K (ages 4 - 5 years)

Pre K Program in Cheektowaga NY

Watch Me Grow’s Pre-K graduates are more than ready for Kindergarten. Our 4 year old Kinder-Readiness classrooms are equipped with language, reading, art, dramatic play, science, manipulatives, blocks, sand/water, and music centers. We provide more materials and curriculum than most area Pre-K’s. Each and every day our Pre-K children participate in language, science, art, math/cooking, music/movement, and large/fine motor skill activities. Our curriculum is tailored to teach and develop the skills required for your child’s school district Pre-K screening.  Structured and semi-structured activities increase in frequency and duration in preparation for Kindergarten.

In addition to our daily curriculum, our Kinder-Readiness Pre-K children participate in all of Watch Me Grow’s enrichment programs.

Pre-K Evaluation Testing

All Pre-K children at Watch Me Grow complete Pre-K evaluation testing at the beginning of the year. Our evaluations test for the same items tested by school district’s Pre-K screenings. We review these evaluations with parents and identify strength and weaknesses so that your child’s teacher can tailor curriculum to meet your child’s specific needs. Children are re-evaluated throughout the year to monitor progress. The quality of our Pre-K is displayed each and every year as our Pre-K graduates consistently perform extremely well on their school district’s kindergarten screenings.


Watch Me Grow Kinder-Readiness graduates are exceptionally well-prepared for kindergarten;  intellectually, developmentally, socially and emotionally. Our Kinder-Readiness graduation ceremony is quite the event. It is big night, not only for the children, but for moms, dads and grandparents as well.  Bring a box of tissues for our ceremony ending "year in review” slide show.  It’s a beautiful ceremony celebrating our children’s achievements!

Daily Schedule

6:30 – 8:15

Children greeted by faculty and engage in free play.

8:15 – 8:30 Transition
Clean up, toileting, diapering, and hand washing.

8:30 – 9:00

Morning Snack
A nutritious morning snack is served.

9:15 – 12:00

Morning Activity
Children participate in art, language, science, math, cooking, movement/music activities related to a weekly theme.
Circle Time
Children participate in teacher-directed group activities related to the weekly theme.
Computer/Phonics Lab
Children learn literacy, reading, math and science skills from our Edmark Educational Programs and Leaptag and Books-on-Tap Program.
Children learn Spanish words, numbers, letters and phrases via Games, books, stories, songs and word plays in our Spanish Room
Gym or Outdoor Play

12:00 – 12:30

A nutritious lunch is served to the children

12:30 - 12:45

Clean up and teeth brushing in preparation for nap time.

12:45 - 1:00

Story/Quiet Time
Children listen to a story or look at books to prepare for nap. Teachers will also play soft music and rub backs to help children relax.

1:00 - 3:00

Nap Time
Children nap or rest quietly.

3:00 - 3:10

Clean up, toileting, diapering, and hand washing.

3:10 – 3:30

Afternoon Snack
A nutritious afternoon snack is served to the children.

3:30 - 5:00

Afternoon Activity
Activity in art, language, science, math/cooking or music/movement related to the weekly theme and afternoon enrichment activity.

5:00 - 6:00

Free Play
Children self-select activities in learning centers, gym, or outdoor playground.
Children are picked up based on parent’s schedule.