Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer part-time care?

Yes. Your child does not have to be enrolled every day of the week; he or she can be enrolled for as few as two days each week. We also offer half days for children 18 months and older. In addition, we offer before and after school programs for children of all ages. 

Do I need an appointment to visit the center?

No. You do not need an appointment to tour our Cheektowaga, NY daycare center. We have an open-door policy, and will be more than happy to show you our facility and programs. Our staff will provide you with information and answers to any questions you may have. 

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes. Families that have two or more children enrolled at our center will receive a 5% discount on both children’s tuition rates.

How does Watch Me Grow’s Pre-K differ from school district Pre-K?

The biggest difference you’ll notice is the developmental level of the curriculum, materials, and enrichment programs. Watch Me Grow’s pre-K curriculum is set at a higher developmental level than most. Our pre-K students also experience all of the enrichment programs held at the center Also, we complete pre-K evaluation tests for all children entering kindergarten. Our evaluations cover the same items tested by school district screenings. We review these results with parents to identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses. That way our teachers can tailor their curriculum to your child’s specific needs. Re-evaluation is done throughout the year to monitor progress.

Watch Me Grow’s pre-K graduates consistently score extremely high on their kindergarten screenings.

Is computer use appropriate for pre-school children?

Yes, providing appropriate educational software to pre-school children can be beneficial. Watch Me Grow limits computer use to the Edmark Educational Software. These programs adjust to the child’s learning level and help develop early literacy/language, reading/writing, math, and science skills. Our computers do not have access to the internet.

What does “developmentally appropriate” mean?

Developmentally appropriate refers to care, activities, and materials that match a child’s level of intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. Watch Me Grow’s classroom materials, curriculum, and care cater to every individual child’s age and learning style.

Is the center safe & secure?

Yes. Watch Me Grow is equipped with a security swipe card system. The general public cannot enter our facility; parents gain access with swipe cards. Visitors cannot enter our center without identification. Every single classroom has its own emergency exit door. In the case of an emergency, we can evacuate our entire center within a matter of seconds.

What are enrichment programs?

Enrichment programs are learning opportunities we offer in addition to our traditional curriculum. Enrichment programs at Watch Me Grow include: Spanish, Computer Lab, and Reading/Phonics Lab. For a full explanation of our enrichment programs see our Enrichment Program page.

How does the center communicate with parents

Communication between parents and their child’s caregiver is key for successful development.  Watch Me Grow has several ways to stay in touch with families:

  • Parent Handbook – all parents receive a handbook detailing the center’s policies and procedures.
  • Parent Bulletin Board – our parent bulletin board posts information about upcoming events, center visitors, field trips, and the center menu.
  • Classroom Bulletin Board – each classroom posts information regarding the weekly theme, daily curriculum, activities, upcoming events and more.
  • Child Information Form – upon registering your child, we request that parents complete a child information form.  This form details a variety of information regarding your child and is reviewed by each teacher/caregiver in your child’s class.  This form establishes a strong foundation for the care of your child.
  • Daily Care Sheets – every day, parents receive a report detailing information about your child’s meals, naps, diapering/toilet training (if applicable), behavior, etc.
  • Daily Journal – in addition to the daily care sheet, your child’s teacher will write a daily journal entry highlighting your child’s day.  Many parents also write entries into these journals regarding questions, concerns, or any other issue they feel the teachers should know.  We have found these journals to be extremely useful in maintain parent/teacher communication.
  • News & Events Webpage – Watch Me Grow’s news and events are updated on our website:
  • Pre-K Evaluations, Meetings & Progress – pre-K evaluations are conducted for all children entering kindergarten the following school year.  Our evaluations test for the same items tested by school district’s kindergarten screenings.  We establish a baseline and identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses.  The results of the evaluations are reviewed at a teacher/parent meeting and then used by our teachers to tailor curriculum and activities to each child’s specific needs.  Children are reevaluated throughout the year to monitor progress.  We are extremely proud of our pre-K evaluation/curriculum program since our students consistently perform extremely well on their school district kindergarten screenings.
  • Teacher / Director Availability – Our teachers and Director are always available to answer any questions or discuss any issues with parents.
  • Open Door Policy – parents are welcome to visit the center at any time, on any day.  We welcome and encourage our families to stop by and check out all of the great things happening at Watch Me Grow.