Enrichment Programs

Watch Me Grow provides enrichment programs designed to enhance each classroom’s daily curriculum. Enrichment programs expose children to additional activities they might not otherwise encounter in their standard education.

spanish.pngSpanish (Espanol)

We offer an introduction to Spanish to our Pre-K and Kinder-Readiness children.  Child development research indicates that children are more receptive to learning a second language at a young age.  These studies also show that early exposure to a second language aids in a child’s overall cognitive development.

Our approach offers a simple introduction consisting of learning basic words, singing songs, and learning common phrases.  In addition to the teacher’s instruction, children will have access to Spanish books, video tapes, and games.   Children will learn by seeing, listening, imitating, and practicing. 

Our Spanish program consists of the following subjects:  colors, numbers, family members, animals, body parts, clothes, foods, shapes, classroom items, and household items.


phonics.pngReading/Phonic Lab

Children will develop language, phonics, and early reading & writing skills through our:

Books on Tape
Leap Frog Tag System
Printing Journals

Our literacy program promotes reading readiness through phonemic awareness. Along with language development, this program teaches math, science, music, and geography.  This literacy program will help children master their pre-reading and phonics skills.

computer.pngComputer Lab

Children can develop many early cognitive skills through our Edmark Educational Software:

Dr. Seuss’s ABCs – early literacy & language skill software
Bailey’s Book House – early reading & writing skill software
Millie’s Math House – early math-oriented skill software
Sammy’s Science House – early science skill software